CEO EGO evaluates character, potential and ability in the total structure of the personality.

Our proprietary executive assessment is a threefold examination of ability, potential and character.

  • Talent strength - calculated from comparison in abilities of successful executives.

  • Direction of development - estimated from preferential use of personal abilities.

  • Character structure - evaluated with respect to the total personality by the contradictions (valence) of abilities in unconscious motivations that might sabotage success.


Appropriate psychological tests are used to independently cross-examine the above threefold aspects of each empirically determined character trait. 

Leader Profile

Leader Profile is a statistical representation of character traits showing their dynamic structural configuration with each other in respect to the whole personality. Developed in-house as a single statistical summary chart so the complexity of the total personality can be easily grasped visually, while also integrating our threefold cross-examination of the following tests.


  • CPI : Talent strength is calculated by a norm-referenced trait inventory of single trait variation in a normal distribution model of ability using a self-report questionnaire (online access).

  • MBTI : Direction of development is estimated by preferential styles in item response theory of Jungian psychological type using the official Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator in a self-report questionnaire (online access).

  • HPT : Character structure is evaluated from a performance test of expressive handwriting based on word-association projective test theory in free-form writing. Standardized on psychometric and diagnostic handwriting scales for reliability and validity. Designed in-house as a physical test packet mailed to client and returned for scoring (Not available online).

Principal Consultant

Victor Clark, MSEd, CG
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Mr. Clark has been involved with executive assessments for 45 years, developing a scale for psychological analysis from handwriting as brain-based functioning to help managers with stress reduction while he was partner at the Mind Spa, a biofeedback clinic in Atlanta (1996-2002).

Mr. Clark used his handwriting performance test (HPT) in personnel decisions when he supervised psychotherapists and coordinated psychiatric staffing while clinical director of Horizon Recovery with clinics in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. Certified as a specialist in psychological analysis of handwriting by the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, Mr. Clark was awarded a Master of Science in counselling psychology by the University of Kansas in 1996. Since 2010 he has been principal consultant of Character Evaluation.